Carpe Noctem Games is proud to announce the release of its first self published title.  iTone for the Apple iPhone and iTouch devices is a game that allows you to finger paint with music.  The game allows you to select a musical instrument and then draw on the background, depending on the position you draw the note will dictate how and when the note plays.  This allows you to "paint music".

  • The game feature:
  • 7 musical instruments.
  • Save and Load of your musical creations.
  • Ability to play the music in any direction.
  • A random mode by just hitting the clear button twice.
  • A "strum" and "point" mode where it plays what's under your finger.

iTone has been released at a special introductory price of just $0.99 (in the US.) Hurry and take advantage of this special price while it lasts.

You can find iTone in the iTunes music store under "Games - Music" and "Games Family".
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